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Epic Singletrack Novice Rider
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Please search for any date before August 1st to register for the entire series.
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Start Dates

2016 Epic Singletrack

June 11    Race 1, Excel Roofing Hill Climb
June 25    Race 2, Super Loop
July 9    Race 3, Race RendeZvous
July 30    Race 4, Colorado Epic Cross Country
August 13
   Race 5, Epic Point to Point
August 27    Race 6, Excel Roofing King of the Rockies

Product Description

Epic Singletrack - Novice

The Epic Singletrack Series is not a USAC sanctioned event; however, the category classifications are similar to NORBA race categories.  If you are a Category 3 racer by NORBA race classifications or are new to racing, you may race in the Beginner category in the Epic Singletrack Series.
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